Waivers We Work With

  • Individual Options (I/O) Waiver
  • Level One Waiver
  • SELF Waiver

We are currently in the process of gaining certification for NMT (Non-Medical Transportation)!

The world is full of unique individuals from all different walks of life and with all different kinds of interests.  There is no set "box" that is a "fit for all".  Our services focus on the person-centered approach.  At Progressive Alternatives, every individual we work with is unique, with their own passions and dreams, and we work to help each individual realize these dreams by assisting them to unlock their potential!  

Progressive Alternatives is a certified residential provider agency in the state of Ohio.  We assist individuals in Ashtabula and Lake counties with developmental disabilities in their homes and their communities.  To qualify for these services, the person must be enrolled on a Medicaid waiver through their County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

​Our Services

Services We Provide

  • Homemaker/Personal Care
  • Transportation
  • Community Inclusion
  • ​Integrated Employment

What We Do

Our staff work with our client's in various settings, assisting with various tasks they need in order to live more independent and fulfilling lives.  These services vary based on each person and what their unique desires and needs are.  Common services include:  assisting with housework, meal preparation, medication administration, transportation within the community for socialization opportunities, as well as to various stores for shopping and for various appointments.  

The Progressive Alternatives Difference

We have always believed that it is not just about meeting the requirements of businesses like ours, but to far exceed them.  We are invested in each individual we assist and likewise, in our staff members.  Each employee meets all state requirements as well as our agency standards.  This includes a personality test that allows us to find the best staff for each person.  We don't believe that just any person will do for our clients.  We focus on making sure that the client and staff share interests and similarities that encourage a strong rapport be built.  Though we are an agency, our all-time goal is low staff numbers for each client we serve.  We also provide a monthly group activity schedule that all clients of Progressive Alternatives can pick and choose from for any events they are interested in!  Additionally, challenging "behaviors" do not scare us off!  We view each "behavior" as a form of communication and work with our experience and advanced training to help a person recognize their "behavior" and explore other ways to communicate their fears, anxieties, nervousness and more instead of through various challenging "behaviors".  We promote and strive for a therapeutic approach for all individuals!