We are always looking for new talent at Progressive Alternatives.  Work as a Direct Care Staff is a rewarding and exciting position.  You will do things such as: help with meal preparation and housework, help provide socialization opportunities, take to various fun activities in the community, assist with medication administration, and to help foster and develop an increase in the individual's independence.

We offer competitive wages, a health insurance package to full-time employees, paid time off, and flexible scheduling to accommodate your needs.  There is also quick room for advancement if you are interested in a supervisory position.

All of our potential employees start out by filling out the required application below.   Typically, we will contact you quickly for an interview after you fill the application out.  After the interview we will check your references.  If chosen, you will receive a call typically within 24 to 48 business hours after your interview with a position offer.  

​New employees go through mandatory training that both the state of Ohio and Progressive Alternatives require.  You will start in an orientation that is typically 8 to 10 hours long and usually split into two days.  During this time you will get your required background checks done at the cost of Progressive Alternatives.  You will also be scheduled for CPR/First Aid and a course to certify you to legally pass medications.  After your orientation, you will then begin meeting various clients for your in-home training.  We make sure that you are well-trained and ready to work before you work your first shift with any of our clients.​​

If you are interested in a position with Progressive Alternatives, please fill out the form below.  It has been submitted once you see, "Thank you for your interest in employment with Progressive Alternatives.  We will review your submission soon.".  If you do not see this, please call us.